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Apr 22, 2010

Norton Internet Security displays the Attention Required tab when you run a manual scan. At the end of a scan, the Attention Required tab provides you different ways to resolve any items that were not automatically resolved during the scan.

The Attention Required tab provides the information such as the severity of the risk, the name of the risk, and the status of the risk. It also provides the action that you can take to resolve the item. The Attention Required tab provides you the different options such as Fix, Exclude, Get Help, and Rescan to resolve the item.

It also provides the Ignore option only once during the first-time detection of low-risk items.

Ignore option is available once until you do not change the default settings for the Low Risks option under Computer Scan.

The options in the Attention Required tab vary based on the types of files that Norton Internet Security identified as infected during the scan.

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