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Apr 16, 2010

Norton Community Watch helps in identifying new security risks by submitting selected security and application data to Symantec for analysis. Symantec assesses the data to determine the new threats and their sources. The collective efforts from all Norton security product users help in quick identification of solutions for these threats and risks. It also improves user security and product functionality.

Norton Community Watch collects and submits the following types of data:
  • Identified malicious software such as portable executable files and running processes
  • Any Web site URL that your product identifies as fraudulent
  • All the Web site URLs that you visited before the detection of a risk
  • The applications and processes that run on your computer regularly and during any security risk detection
  • Response instances that your computer sends to any potential security risk
  • General system information and performance attributes from the computer
After the potential security risks are assessed from the submitted data, Symantec sends the information back to Norton Internet Security. The Norton features such as Norton Insight and Insight Network use this information to identify files and processes at risk.
You should participate in Norton Community Watch submissions to provide valuable contribution to the entire community that uses Norton security products. No personally identifiable information is exposed during data collection and submission. Symantec maintains an adequate level of protection for the collected information.
If you chose not to join Norton Community Watch when you installed your Norton product, you can turn it on later. You can use the Norton Community Watch option under Miscellaneous Settings in the Settings window. You can also review the data, which Norton Community Watch collects and submits to Symantec, in the Security History window.

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