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CPU graph and memory graph

Apr 18, 2010

Norton Internet Security monitors the overall system CPU usage and memory usage and the Norton-specific CPU usage and memory usage. Norton Internet Security displays the details in the CPU graph and the memory graph. The CPU graph and memory graph are real-time graphs of CPU utilization and memory utilization.

The graphs display a performance time for the last 90 minutes or for the duration since you started your computer. The graphs update the information at an interval of every 15 seconds. The graphs progress from right to left, and the most recent data appear on the far right of the graph. The blue pattern in the graphs depicts the overall system usage, and the yellow pattern depicts the Norton-specific usage. The gray blocks that are labeled as Idle indicate the idle period of your computer.

The graphs show a default performance time of 90 minutes. However, you can use the Zoom in options to define a region of the graph that you are interested to view. You can select a Zoom in option to obtain magnified view or historical data of the graphs. For example, if you select the 10min option, Norton Internet Security displays the magnified view of CPU graph or memory graph for the last 10 minutes. If you select the 1d option, Norton Internet Security displays a historical data of the last one day.

When you click at any point on the CPU graph, Norton Internet Security displays a list of the processes that consume maximum resources at that point. It also displays the percentage of usage for each process. You can click a process that is available in the list to get more information in the File Insight window.

The File Insight window provides information about the process such as:
  • The file name, digital signature, and the date on which the process was installed
  • The confidence level
  • The resource usage details
  • The actions that the process performs on your system
In addition, the File Insight window displays the CPU graph for the running processes. The graph shows the breakdown of overall system CPU usage and the CPU usage by the process.

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