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Network Proxy settings

Apr 18, 2010

A proxy server regulates access to the Internet, and prevents external computers from accessing your network. If you are on a network that uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you can provide proxy server details to Norton Internet Security. You can use the Network Proxy Settings window to specify the automatic configuration URL, the proxy settings, and the authentication details. Norton Internet Security uses the proxy settings and authentication details to connect to the Internet automatically, whenever required. For example, LiveUpdate uses the specified proxy server settings to retrieve updates. You must ensure that you specify the proxy server details for LiveUpdate to run successfully.

In some cases, your network uses an automatic configuration URL or script for managing Internet access. In this case, you must provide the URL of the required PAC (Proxy Automatic Configuration) file. A PAC file contains the code that lets your browser know about the proxy settings for different Web sites over the Internet. It also contains the words which you want to filter and block while you access the Internet. You can also choose the option that lets your browser to automatically detect the proxy settings.

If you want your manual settings in the network, ensure that you disable the Automatic Configuration options.
Network Proxy Settings window lets you specify the following settings:

Automatic Configuration Lets you specify the automatic configuration URL or script to manage Internet access
You have the following options:

  • Automatically detect settings
    Lets your browser detect the network settings automatically
    If you do not want to override your manual settings for network connections, you must disable this option.

  • Use automatic configuration script
    Lets your browser use the automatic configuration URL or script to manage Internet access
    Use the URL box to provide the HTTP URL or the script to the required PAC file (such as file://c:/proxy.pac).
Proxy Settings Lets you enter HTTP proxy settings
Use the Address box and Port box to specify the HTTP address and port number, respectively.
Authentication Lets you connect to the Internet through a server that requires authentication
Use the Username field and Password field to type the authentication details.

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