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Apr 18, 2010

In addition to the definition updates that Automatic LiveUpdate downloads, Norton Internet Security uses streaming technology to download the latest virus definitions. These downloads are called Pulse Updates. The Pulse Updates are lighter and faster than Automatic LiveUpdate. They keep your computer secure from the ongoing threats that exist on the Internet. Pulse Updates protect you against the rapidly-changing environment of security threats without compromising your computer's performance. Pulse Updates should always be turned on to get the latest updates every few minutes.

Pulse Updates checks for definition updates every few minutes. If definition updates are available, LiveUpdate downloads the streamed virus definitions. Pulse Updates provide the updates in between the full updates, which Automatic LiveUpdate downloads automatically every hour. Norton Internet Security merges the new stream that is downloaded with the last updates that are installed. The downloads provide additional and fast protection for the latest threats in between the full updates without disrupting your online experience.

Even if you do not turn on Pulse Updates, LiveUpdate collects all the missed streams and, it updates your computer during full definition updates.

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