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Detecting viruses, spyware, and other risks

May 3, 2010

Viruses and other security threats can be detected during a manual or scheduled scan. Auto-Protect detects these threats when you perform an action with an infected file. Threats can also appear during an instant messenger session, when you send an email message, or during a manual or scheduled scan. Security risks, such as spyware and adware, can also be detected when these activities are performed.

The files that can potentially infect your system when your computer first starts up are scanned first.

These files include the following:
  • Files that are associated with the processes that are currently running in memory
  • Files with startup folder entries
  • Files with system start INI file entries
  • Files with system start batch file entries
  • Files that the system start registry keys refers
If an infected file is detected during this portion of the manual scan, it is repaired or removed. Any unnecessary references are also removed from your computer. Before attempting to repair, quarantine, or delete any infected file that has a process running in memory, your product attempts to terminate the process. You are alerted and prompted to close all unnecessary programs before the process is terminated.

You can view information about detected viruses and other security threats in Security History.

Security History also includes information about spyware, adware, and other security risks.

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