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Smart Firewall Program Control settings

May 18, 2010

Smart Firewall Program Control settings let you control options for the programs that access the Internet.

In the list of programs, you can modify Internet access for each program. You can also add a program to the list or remove a program from the list.

Your options are:

Program Displays the name of the program, or the name of the program's executable file
Access Displays the level of access that the program has

You can change the access level by selecting a different entry from the drop-down list.

Your options are Allow, Block, and Custom. The Auto option is the default option that is assigned automatically to a program when Automatic Program Control is turned on.
Add Lets you add a program to Program Control manually
Modify Opens the Program Rules window, in which you can customize rules for a selected program
Remove Lets you remove a selected program from Program Control
Rename Lets you change the selected program name

The file name in the folder path does not change.

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