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May 1, 2010

Norton Internet Security automatically turns on Quiet Mode when it detects a TV program recording session or a disk-burning session. In addition, you can manually add the programs for which you want Norton Internet Security to turn on Quiet Mode to the Quiet Mode Programs list. When Norton Internet Security detects a running instance of a program that you added in the list, it automatically turns on Quiet Mode. When Quiet Mode is turned on, Norton Internet Security suspends the background activities but does not suppress alerts and notifications.

You can also add a running program to the Quiet Mode Programs list. However when you add a running program, Norton Internet Security does not detect the current running instance of the program to turn on Quiet Mode. Norton Internet Security turns on Quiet Mode the next time when you execute the program.

You can also remove a running program from the Quiet Mode Programs list. However, if Quiet Mode is turned on, it turns off only after the running instances of all the programs in the list are complete. You cannot turn off Quiet Mode by removing a program from the list when it runs.

You can view the details of the programs that you add to the Quiet Mode Programs list or remove from the list in the Security History window.

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