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Spyware & Virus FAQ

Jul 7, 2011

This Spyware & Virus FAQ from Norton Support answers common questions on spyware and virus, and how Norton can help remove such malware from your computer.

How do I know if I have a virus or other threat?

Most times, when the computer is infected with a virus or other security threats, can be observed:
  • Blinking icons or yellow triangles in the lower right corner of your screen;
  • Frequent pop-up windows, especially ones that encourage you to visit unusual sites, or download anti-virus or other software;
  • Error messages;
  • Changes to your home page;
  • Mass emails sent from your email account;
  • Frequent crashes or unusually slow computer performance;
  • Unknown programs that start up when you start your computer;

My computer has a virus. How did this happen?
Thousands of new viruses, Trojans, and worms are created every day. Sometimes, even the best anti-virus software in the world can’t protect your computer from being infected.
  • Clicking on an intriguing pop-up ad which contains a Trojan;
  • Opening a malicious email attachment;
  • Downloading a virus from a file-sharing program such as LimeWire;
  • Your Norton software was not updated with the latest virus definitions;
  • Your system was infected with malware before Norton was installed;

How do I get it off my computer?
Once you have a virus on your computer, it may attack Norton and prevent it from working properly; in these cases, the virus must be removed manually. Norton offers free, do-it-yourself support options as well as a paid service where we take care of removing threats for you.

Why can’t my Norton software remove the virus for me?
With thousands of threats being generated every day, it is possible that you have come into contact with a threat Norton does not yet recognize. In addition, some malware is designed specifically to disable Norton anti-virus software. Trojans and worms can be very difficult to fix because they have to be manually removed.

Why can’t Norton detect this threat when other anti-virus software can?
Norton handles several thousand new threat alerts every month and updates its software as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Since every software vendor process threats on its own schedule, occasionally another anti-virus product can detect a threat before Norton can. Likewise, Norton software often recognizes threats ahead of other products.

Why do you charge for NortonLive’s Spyware & Virus Removal Service?
Manually removing threats from our customer’s computers is a complex and often time consuming process which requires special expertise. NortonLive’s Spyware & Virus removal Service is handled by highly trained expert technicians who will work as long as it takes to locate and neutralize all known threats on a user’s computer. We stand by the quality of our service and are proud to offer a seven-day, infection free warranty period.

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