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Optimizing boot volume

Apr 18, 2010

The Optimize option lets you optimize your boot volume to improve the boot time of your computer. Optimization of your boot volume maximizes the usable free space by rearranging file fragments into adjacent and contiguous clusters. When the drive head of your hard drive accesses all of the file data in one location, the file is read into the memory faster.

When you use the Optimize option in Windows XP, Norton Internet Security optimizes only the boot volume (for example, C:Windows). Therefore, it requires less time to complete optimization. However, when you use the Optimize option in Windows Vista or Windows 7, Norton Internet Security optimizes the drive that contains the boot volume. Therefore, it requires more time to complete optimization.

You can access the Optimize option at the top of the security status graph in the Performance window.

To optimize your boot volume
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, click Performance.
  2. In the Performance window, at the top of the security status graph, click Optimize.

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