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Facebook Bieber Fans Targeted by Scammers Again

Aug 15, 2010

Scammers are trying to exploit the millions of Justin Bieber fans using Facebook by making false claims about their idol in order to lure them onto rogue pages.

The fake messages being posted by users who already fell victim to this scam read: "OMG Justin Bierber trying to flirt, check it out[censored].

The link takes users to a rogue Facebook application page which displays a big button reading "Justin Bieber going crazy! Click to see".

Of course clicking on it is definitely not a good idea, as doing it prompts one of those common "Request for permission" prompts, that most people never bother reading.

In this case, a malicious application called "Bieberflirting" wants access to the user's basic profile information, as well as the ability to post messages on their wall. Even worse, it wants to do this at any time, even if the victim is offline.

Users who misguidedly allow the rogue app to do all these things will have their friends and family members spammed in their name, probably earning them a bad reputation in the process.

"If you find that your Facebook account has been compromised by the Bieberflirting application, clean-up any messages it may have posted to your status updates and remove the application's right to access your profile," Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, advises.

The millions of obsessive Bieber fans, who often refer to themselves as Beliebers, were targeted by cyber criminals and scammers before.

For example, last week Softpedia reported about a similar Bieber-themed scam on Facebook, which claimed the teen pop star was acting naughty on his webcam.

The spam messages who touted a video of the whole incident only tricked people into signing up for surveys, which earn the fraudsters money through affiliate marketing schemes.

by Lucian Constantin

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