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Aug 15, 2010

To take advantage of this feature, click on the "Enable Auto-Scan" button on the scan summary page to have Safe Web check your News Feed for malicious links every hour and notify you if unsafe links are found.

It’s FREE. It’s effective. And it makes your experience on Facebook safer. The Norton Safe Web for Facebook application scans your news feeds and identifies URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads and links to unsafe external sites. With this application, you can easily see which links in your News Feed are unsafe for you or your friends to click on. From the scan results page you can click through to view detailed site rating analysis on the Norton Safe Web site (

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is Norton Safe Web?
Norton Safe Web is a website rating service from Symantec. Everyday Norton Safe Web analyzes several million of URLs to look for those containing security risks. The results from our site rating analysis are used to warn users against sites that might infect their PCs or compromise their personal information.

Q. Does Norton Safe Web for Facebook scan all links in my News Feed?
To ensure faster response, Norton Safe Web for Facebook only scans your news feed for links that were shared within the past 24 hours.

Q. What does Norton Safe Web for Facebook do with shortened URLs such as those from, tinyURL, etc?
To provide better protection, Norton Safe Web for Facebook looks up the full URL for each shortened URL and checks its site rating.

Q. Does Norton Safe Web work outside of
To get protection beyond, please download our FREE Norton Safe Web Lite at

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