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Security tips to keep you computer protected online

Jan 3, 2011

Read about top 10 security tips to keep you computer protected online and learn how to secure your PC from security threats. Scan emails, patch and upgrade security software, backup computer, avoid spam and use latest protection software from Norton.

  1. Don't open suspicious email.
    Scan emails before you open them. Do not launch unfamiliar executable (.exe) files or any attachments from unknown senders.

  2. Watch your network.
    If you discover an infected computer on your network, disconnect all computers from your network, scan them and clean any infected computers immediately.

  3. Patch. Upgrade. Repeat.
    Get the latest operating system and security software updates and patches right away. Also upgrade your browsers to the latest versions as soon as possible.

  4. Make it hard on them.
    If you keep sensitive data on your computer — and most people do — encrypt it. The Norton Identity Safe feature in Norton Internet Security provides easy-access storage for encrypted data.

  5. Layer your security.
    Use Norton Internet Security 2010 and update all security programs. Also, enable browser security settings and disable file sharing.

  6. Back up important data.
    There are too many ways to lose information: malware, hardware failure, lightning storms, the list goes on.

  7. Shore up your weaknesses.
    Use a strong firewall. Update your software. Find your weaknesses and fix them. Fast.

  8. Use strong passwords.
    Passwords should have at least eight characters and should combine alphanumeric and special characters ($, *, &, etc.). And make sure to change them every 60 days.

  9. Avoid spam.
    Use antispam software whenever possible and create separate accounts for friends and family, and additional accounts for other online activities.

  10. Protect your computer.
    Be sure to shut down your system. Lock your screen. Lock up your laptop. And never leave passwords written where others can see them.

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