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Jun 11, 2010

Identity Safe secures your personal information and protects your online identity. You can store your web login credentials in Identity Safe and create one login for Identity Safe to manage the saved login credentials. It provides additional security by providing a secure storage for username, passwords and other personal information such as addresses and credit cards for online transactions.

Identity Safe helps you manage your identities and provide additional security while you perform online transactions.

The following features in Identity Safe provide secure storage of your sensitive information:

Manage Logins Stores login information, such as your online bank account, email user ID, or password
Manage Cards Stores your personal information, such as addresses, date of birth, and credit card information
Manage Notes Stores the details, such as passport numbers and social security numbers

In addition to being a depository of sensitive information, Identity Safe provides the following features:
  • Protects you from identity theft when you conduct online transactions

    Antiphishing also helps to protect you from malicious Web sites when you conduct online transactions.
  • Manages your card information when you have multiple credit cards to maintain
  • Safeguards the data that you save on your PC

    By saving your data with a local profile, you can prevent your sensitive Identity Safe data on your PC from being misused. A local profile is specific to each of the Windows User Accounts present on your PC.
  • Provides you the ease of carrying and using your Identity Safe data when you are on the move

    By saving your data using a portable profile, you can access your sensitive Identity Safe data from any PC that has Norton Internet Security installed. A portable profile is a profile that you save on an external drive.
Norton Internet Security adds the Norton Toolbar to Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Norton Toolbar has the following components:
  • Norton menu — You can use the Norton menu to access Web settings and other settings.
  • Norton Safe Search — You can use Norton Safe Search to search the Internet. Norton Internet Security uses the Ask search engine to display the search results.

    By default, the Norton Safe Search box is hidden. After you install Norton Internet Security and open Internet Explorer or Firefox for the first time, an alert message is displayed. The alert message prompts you to enable Norton Safe Search. You can choose to enable or disable Norton Safe Search.
  • Norton Site Safety indicator — You can click the Norton Site Safety indicator to obtain more information about the site safety evaluation.
  • Cards & Logins menu — You can use the Cards & Logins menu to make online decisions about Web page logins.

When you have cards or logins in Identity Safe, the Cards & Logins menu displays the list of cards and logins.


If you turn off Identity Safe, you cannot access your logins and Identity Safe features from the Norton Toolbar.

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