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How to Upgrade Symantec AntiVirus Software

Apr 25, 2010

Symantec Antivirus Software, better known as Norton, is a popular antivirus program that protects computers from a variety of viruses and malicious programs. While Norton is a useful program, it needs to be constantly updated to ensure that it has a complete library of viruses it can detect and counteract. Updating Norton is a necessary task, and should be done at least once a week to ensure your computer remains as safe as possible.

# Step 1: Open Symantec Antivirus by clicking on the program's icon in the bottom taskbar.

# Step 2: Click the "LiveUpdate" button. You will see this button as soon as you open the program on the beginning screen. This will open up a "Welcome to LiveUpdate" menu.

# Step 3: Click "Next." Norton will connect to the Internet and will tell of you any updates. You can either install all of the updates, or you can install only a few that you want. Click "Next" again, and Norton will begin installing the updates. Do not close Norton at this time.

# Step 4: Click "Finish" after the updates are installed. Close Norton and the update will be finished.

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