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Deleting entries from your Autofill Exclusions list

Jul 19, 2010


If you decide to autofill a Web page that you excluded, you can remove the Web page URL from the Autofill Exclusions list.


You must be logged in to Identity Safe to delete a URL from the Autofill Exclusions dialog box.

Specify Autofill exclusions

Jul 14, 2010


Identity Safe offers to automatically fill in your logins on those Web pages for which you have saved the logins. However, you can configure Identity Safe to not use logins and cards to automatically fill details in a Web page.


If you choose Never in the Save your Login page that appears when you log in to a Web page, the site is listed under this option.
You must be logged in to Identity Safe to delete a URL from the Autofill Exclusions list.

Autofill Exclusions


The Autofill Exclusions feature lets you view the Web pages for which you asked Identity Safe to not save your logins or automatically fill forms. Identity Safe remembers your decision and does not prompt you to use the logins or cards that are available in Identity Safe.

When you do not want Identity Safe to automatically fill the details, you can use Do not Autofill this page option. This option is available in the Cards & Logins menu on the Norton Toolbar.

Reducing the Risk of Computer Viruses

Jul 13, 2010


About podcast:
Do you want to experience the Internet the way you want—without the effects from harmful viruses? By making common-sense choices and putting safeguards in place, you can greatly reduce your exposure to risk.

This podcast discusses four virus protection tips that can substantially reduce the risk of getting a computer virus.

Manage Notes


Identity Safe stores and manages your sensitive information. It becomes difficult to manage all of the identity numbers that you use when you browse the Web. Manage Notes stores all your sensitive IDs in a very secure way and lets you use them easily when you are online. Use Manage Notes to include information such as social security number, drivers license number, insurance policy number, and legal and financial information.

You can use Manage Notes to store your personal information, which you can retrieve and use when needed. You can use this information to fill out Web site registration forms. You can also view, edit, and delete the notes that you have saved.

Editing, deleting, or duplicating cards

Jul 6, 2010


All the cards that you have saved in Identity Safe are listed in Manage Cards. You can select, view, duplicate, and edit the details of any card that you created. You can delete a card if it is no longer needed. You can also duplicate a saved card and change only the fields that you want to change.

You can view a summary of the card that you created. You can select any of the cards that are present in the list of cards at the bottom of the Manage Cards window. When you select a card, you can view a summary of the card.


When you lock your card with a password, Identity Safe provides additional security to your card. You cannot view the summary of the locked card. You cannot edit, delete, or duplicate a card unless you provide the password.
If you have multiple cards, use the scroll arrows to browse the list.

When you create, duplicate, or edit a card, the card's region is set to the user's default region. If you browse to a Web page other than the default region and use the card on that form, the fields may not fill correctly. For example, your card has a default United States region but you are on a France Web page. In this case, you must use the card with France as the region to fill the Web page form.

Adding cards


The cards in the Manage Cards window help you to automatically fill forms on Web sites with a single click. You can create cards to store information, such as personal details, contact details, and credit card details. You can provide a card name to help you identify a specific card.

If you have more than one credit card, you can create multiple cards with different sets of information. When you visit a transactional Web site, you can provide the credit card details that are present in any of the cards that you created.

You can also create anonymous cards for use on unfamiliar Web sites where you may be uncomfortable providing your personal information. You can automatically fill online forms when you visit a Web site.

Manage Cards


Manage Cards lets you manage your personal information such as name, date of birth, email address, and credit card information in one place.

You can use the information that you store in the cards to do the following:
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Provide sensitive information without having to type it while you are online
In this way, Identity Safe protects you from keyloggers that steal and misuse your identity.


Some Web sites have forms with fields for credit cards or other personal information. The Cards & Logins menu on the Norton Toolbar lists the cards that you created for autofill. You can choose a card from the list to fill the forms automatically.
You can add, view, edit, and duplicate the details of any card that you create. You can also delete a card if it is no longer needed.

Update the password for a login


Good security practice requires that you regularly change the password for a login. You can keep your login credentials in Identity Safe updated every time you change your password for a Web page. The updated information is automatically filled the next time you visit that login's associated Web page.

You can also update your new login information in Identity Safe when you are on the Web page. Identity Safe asks you if you want to update your logins.