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Apr 27, 2010

Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR) provides real-time protection against threats and proactively detects unknown security risks on your computer. SONAR identifies emerging threats based on the behavior of applications. SONAR identifies quicker than the traditional signature-based threat detection techniques. SONAR detects and protects you against malicious code even before virus definitions are available through LiveUpdate.

SONAR monitors your computer for malicious activities through heuristic detections.

SONAR automatically blocks and removes high-certainty threats. Norton Internet Security notifies you when high-certainty threats are detected and removed. SONAR provides you the greatest control when low-certainty threats are detected.

The View Details link in the notification alert lets you view the summary of the resolved high-certainty threats. You can view the details under Resolved Security Risks category in the Security History window.

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