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May 18, 2010

Download Insight provides the reputation information of any executable file that you download using the Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 3.0 browsers or later. Download Insight supports only downloads using the HTTP protocol. The reputation details that Download Insight provides indicate whether the downloaded file is safe to install. You can use these details to decide whether you want to install the executable file.

The following are the reputation levels of a downloaded file and its details:

Safe Includes the files that are either Symantec trusted or User trusted

These files do not harm your computer. In the case of a safe file, Download Insight notifies you that the file is safe to be installed.
Unsafe Includes the files that Norton Internet Security identifies as a security risk

These files harm your computer. When Download Insight processes an unsafe file for reputation analysis, Norton Internet Security removes the file after it has identified its reputation level. In such a case, Download Insight notifies you that the file has been removed.
Unknown Includes the files that are neither safe nor unsafe

These files might harm your computer. In the case of an unknown file, Download Insight notifies you that it is unsure of the reputation level of the file. It also informs you that Norton Internet Security continues to monitor the status of the unknown File.

For unknown files, Norton Internet Security lets you decide the action that you want to take on the file. You can run a file, install a file, cancel file installation, or remove the file from your computer. The Download Insight notifications for an unknown file inform you that the file needs attention. You can use the link in these notifications to select an action that you want to take on an unknown file.
When you download a file, Download Insight processes the file for analysis of its reputation level. The Auto-Protect feature analyzes the file for its reputation. Auto-Protect uses the threat signatures that Norton Internet Security receives during definitions updates and other security engines to determine the safety of an executable file. If the file is unsafe, Auto-Protect removes it. Auto-Protect then notifies the results of file analysis to Download Insight. Download Insight then triggers notifications to inform you whether the file is safe to install. In case of an unsafe file, Download Insight informs you that Norton Internet Security has removed the file.
Download Insight processes only the following file types:
  • .exe
  • .dll
  • .sys
  • .msi
Based on the reputation details that the Download Insight notifications provide for the files that need attention, you can take the following actions on the file:
Remove this file Lets you delete a file from your computer

Download Insight does not display any notification for the same file the next time that you download it.
Block this program from further action Lets you retain a file on your computer but prevent it from being executed
Allow this program to continue Lets you execute and run an executable file
In addition to viewing the reputation details, the Download Insight notifications contain the View Details link. When you click the link, the File Insight window opens. This window displays the file details such as the path and name of the file. You can use the options in the Threat Detected window to take an appropriate action on the file. In this window, you can also specify whether you want Norton Internet Security to suppress any more alerts on this file.

Security History logs details of all events that Download Insight processes and notifies. It also contains information about the safety level of the file and the action that you take on the file, if any. You can view these details in the Download Insight category in Security History.

When Auto-Protect is turned off, Download Insight is disabled. In this case, your computer is not adequately protected from Internet threats and security risks.

When Silent Mode is turned on, Norton Internet Security suppresses the Download Insight notifications.

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