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Program rules

May 11, 2010

Program rules control Internet access for the programs that are on your computer. You can use the Program Control feature to create and modify rules for programs.

The Program Control window displays a list of programs. In the Program Control window, you can do the following:

  • Add a program.
  • Rename a program.
  • Modify the rules for a program.
  • Add a rule for a program.
  • Modify the access settings of a program rule.
  • Modify the priority of a program rule by changing the sequence of rules in the list.
  • Remove a program rule.
  • Remove a program.
You can create Program rules in the following ways:
Automatically customize Internet access settings Let the firewall automatically configure access for programs the first time that users run them. This method is the easiest way to create firewall rules.
Use Program Control Manage the list of programs that can access the Internet.
Respond to alerts Lets the firewall notify you when a program attempts to access the Internet. You can then allow or block Internet access for the program.

In some instances, such as when you watch a movie, you might prefer not to be alerted with any messages. In such cases, you can use the Silent Mode to silence the firewall alerts. This option suppresses all notifications and noncritical alerts and temporarily suspends all critical activities.

The firewall notifies you only if you have changed the General Settings options of Smart Firewall from their default, recommended settings.

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