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Smart Firewall settings

May 18, 2010

The Smart Firewall options let you customize how the firewall monitors and responds to inbound communications and outbound communications.

You can set the following Smart Firewall options:

Advanced Settings Control settings of the advanced protection features of Smart Firewall
Program Control Control settings for the programs that access the Internet.
Trust Control View the networks that your computer is connected to, and add the networks and computers to the Trusted list or the Restricted list.
Block All Network Traffic Lets you configure how Norton Internet Security must control the network communications to and from your computer

For instance, you may have to be away from your system for a very long time. During this period, you want to secure your system by not allowing it to communicate with the other computers on the network. In such cases, you can use the Block All Network Traffic option to block all the communications to or from your computer.

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