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Jun 3, 2010

A home network typically consists of the computers and other devices that share your Internet connection. The Network Security Map helps you view and manage your network.

After installation, Norton Internet Security automatically detects the devices that are connected to your network and lists them in the Network Security Map. You can view devices and customize the Network Security Map to remotely monitor the computers on which a Norton product is installed.


Ensure that the computers that you want to remotely monitor have a version of a Norton product that supports Remote Monitoring.

You can monitor the following items in the Network Security Map:
  • Security status of the computers that are connected to the network
  • Status of the protection features of the computers that are connected to the network
  • Subscription status and Norton product version of the computers that are connected to your network
  • Status of your wireless network connection
  • Connection status of the devices that are on the network
  • The known, unknown, or intruder devices that are on your network
You can grant or deny permission to the networked devices to access your computer. You can also modify details about a computer or device that is connected to your network.

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