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Idle Time Scans

Apr 26, 2010

Norton Internet Security keeps your computer secure from ongoing threats by automatically running scans on your computer by using the Idle Time Scans feature. Idle Time Scans detect the time when you do not use your computer and intelligently run scans depending on the scan history of your computer.

The Idle Time Scans option is automatically turned on when you install Norton Internet Security. Even though Idle Time Scans automatically run the scans, you can still customize the settings of Idle Time Scans. Norton Internet Security decides when to run Idle Time Scans, depending on your settings and a few other predefined parameters.

The following list provides details on the settings that you can make and the predefined parameters:

Idle Time Out duration You can set the duration after which Norton Internet Security should identify your computer as idle. You can select a value (in minutes) between 1 minute and 30 minutes. When you do not use your computer for the duration that you specify, Norton Internet Security checks for the other predefined parameters and runs Idle Time Scans.
Predefined parameter Some of the predefined parameters that Norton Internet Security checks are CPU idle time, disk usage, and type of electric current you use to operate your computer.

For example, you set the Idle Time Out duration as 10 minutes and watch an online video for 11 minutes without any intervention. In this case, Idle Time Scans do not run because of the CPU-intensive task.


You must run your computer on alternating current (AC) power for Norton Internet Security to run Idle Time Scans.
You can view the results of the scans in any of the following locations:
  • The Scan Results category in the Security History window
  • The Background Jobs category in the Norton Tasks window
Norton Internet Security discontinues any Idle Time Scans that it started during idle time if you begin to use your computer again. However, it resumes the scan when your computer is idle again.


You must turn off Idle Time Scans to schedule a Full System Scan. However, you should always keep Idle Time Scans turned on to allow Norton Internet Security to scan your computer when it becomes idle.

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