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Jun 11, 2010

Antiphishing protects you from visiting unsafe Web sites. When Antiphishing is turned on, the Antiphishing component analyzes the security level of the Web sites that you visit. It then displays the results in the Norton Site Safety pop-up.

Antiphishing provides you the following information about the Web pages:

  • If it is safe to enter confidential information
  • If the Web page is known to be fraudulent
  • If the Web page is authentic and Symantec approved
  • If the Web page is known to belong to a suspicious site
  • If the Web page is known to give annoying results
The Site Safety bar in Internet Explorer and Firefox lets you view more details about the status of the Web page.

In addition, the Norton Site Safety pop-up includes information about Norton Authenticated Web pages. Web sites hackers often mimic company Web sites to create fraudulent Web sites. Norton Site Safety identifies the fraudulent Web sites and lets you know the Web sites that are authenticated. The authenticated Web sites are categorized as Site Approved Web sites. These sites usually belong to large financial institutions or are shopping sites, with the pages that request personal information.

Symantec analyzes the pages of these sites and verifies that they belong to the company that it represents. You can be confident that the information that you provide goes to the company with which you want to do business.

You can report the evaluation of a Web page you suspect to be fraudulent to Symantec for further evaluation. Use the Report site option from Norton Toolbar to report a Web page. You can also report the evaluation of a Web page that Antiphishing reports as fraudulent or suspicious site as a safe site. The Web page that you report must be open in your browser's window to report it to Symantec.

Even when you turn off the Antiphishing option, Norton Internet Security protects you from Internet threats through its Norton Safe Web features. You cannot use the Report site link in the Norton menu to submit the evaluation of the Web page to Symantec. You can turn on Antiphishing from the Norton Site Safety pop-up.
The Norton Site Safety pop-up displays the following messages:
  • Site is Safe
  • Site is Unsafe
  • Site Unknown
  • Site is Safe - Shopping Site Information
  • Caution
  • Site Approved
  • Fraudulent Site
  • Suspicious Site
  • Page Not Analyzed

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