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Nov 18, 2010

Norton Toolbar help you to protect your personal computer from threats aimed at stealing personal and financial information and safeguard your identity when you buy, bank and browse online.

Norton Toolbar provides security and convenience, because it will protect your personal and financial information from cybercriminals and help you to stay safe from fraudulent Web sites. Say goodbye to losing your password, digging through your wallet for the right credit card, and filling out the same form information over and over.

Norton Toolbar features

  • Getting started
    The Norton toolbar with Identity Safe installs with Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 and starts protecting you immediately. To start using Identity Safe which includes password management and online form fill, go to any Web page with a login and password and Identity Safe will prompt you to create a profile. You can also go within the product and create a profile to start using Identity Safe.

  • Protection from phishing
    Go ahead! Browse and shop all you like on the Web because you now have antiphishing protection that helps protect you from fraudulent Web sites. The Norton toolbar displays Web page security status with red for a suspected phishing site and green for a safe site.

  • Web site authentication
    The Norton Toolbar also verifies many popular banking and shopping sites. If you see the Norton Toolbar display a shield, you know you’re dealing with a site that’s been authenticated by Norton as safe and legitimate.
  • Log-in and password convenience
    Identity Safe stores all of your logins and passwords for you when you visit your favorite sites. Now you don’t need to remember your logins. Log-in to your Norton Identity Safe and it will automatically sign you into your favorite sites when you visit them. Just one click on the account listed in the Identity Safe drop down menu on the Norton Toolbar will take you to your favorite site and log you in.

  • Encrypted personal information storage
    Identity Safe conveniently stores and encrypts your personal information such as credit cards, account numbers and contact information so you can access it easily. This information vault is encrypted and password protected so only you can get to it.

  • Time saving automated form filling
    With your approval Identity Safe will automatically fill in password and personal information into the appropriate fields in web forms. This service makes banking, browsing and shopping online more convenient at the same time as protecting your information from being stolen by eavesdropping keystroke loggers.

Create a Profile

Identity Safe secures your personal information and protects your online identity. It allows you to save your username and passwords, and your personal information so you can conveniently fill logins and Web forms. Your first step in using Identity Safe is to create a Profile. Remember that the information you store in Identity Safe is encrypted to help keep it secure from others.
  1. You can create a Profile from the dropdown option, Norton Toolbar, or notification area. Identity Safe will offer you a dropdown option when you go to a Web page with a user name and password;

  2. You can also access Identity Safe directly from the Norton Toolbar on your browser. Go to Identity Safe Settings on the dropdown;

  3. From the notification area within the Norton product (or under the Start menu) in the right hand corner of your screen, click “Manage Logins”;

  4. Creating a Profile is easy. First select the location of your new profile. You can create a profile on your local system and a profile on each removable drive;

  5. Create a master password for your profile. Norton recommends that you use a strong password to ensure no one else can easily guess it; Norton provides a strength meter to help you come up with a strong password;

  6. After you have setup a profile, you will be able to import any login information that you have already stored in Internet Explorer;

Site Safety States

Defends against harmful threats running on the page
  1. The Norton Toolbar shows an icon to the left of the padlock that indicates the safety protection state of the Web page. The Norton Toolbar will alert you if the Web page is unsafe;

  2. If the site is identified as a phishing site or virus-infected, the toolbar area will turn red and block access to the site;

  3. Web site indicates when you are dealing with a verified site and not a fraudulent site designed to steal your personal information. When you are on a Norton Authenticated site you will see the green symbol change to a shield;

  4. When you search in your browser, Norton Safe Web lets you know the safety status of a Web site prior to your visiting it;

  5. For each site analyzed by Norton Safe Web, there is a detailed site rating report that provides valuable information about the site. Simply click on Full Report to see the full details of a particular Web site;

  6. Norton Safe Web displays the total threats detected on the infected Web site, broken down by threat types, as well as what users are saying about it;

  7. For on-line shopping sites, Norton Safe Web provides additional shopping-related details about the site secure e-commerce practices with respect to data security and privacy protection. In addition, Norton Safe Web helps you avoid fraudulent shopping sites by verifying it against multiple sources including the largest corporate domain registrar, e-commerce association, and consumer advocacy groups. Simply click on the shopping safety icon to get more info;

  8. And if you happen to end up on a questionable site, Norton Safe Web will help you determine the best course of action;


Identity Safe Logins — Saves and protects your logins and passwords and automatically fills them in when you visit the site again.

Autofill login and password — Logins and passwords are automatically filled-in when you return to a site.

Stores, protects, and can automatically fill your login information.
  1. Go to a site that you want to log into. If you have previously saved your login information, it will automatically be completed for you. Just click Submit. Norton makes it so easy for you;
  2. Should you share your PC, you can also require your master password before the autofill feature turns on;
  3. Manual fill of your logins — If you prefer, Norton gives you the ability to manually fill your username and password. With the click of your mouse, you can navigate to a form independent of the auto-logins menu. This means you can be on your favorite shopping site and choose a login from a page other than the shopping page that you’re on. Go to the Manage Log-ins page and then to the login item to de-select “Automatically fill my Login when I visit this page” in the bottom right of the screen;
  4. To use manual fill, go to a page that you want to log into, go to the Norton Toolbar. Choose from available logins with a single click of the mouse;
  5. 1 click login – When you go directly to your saved login item, Identity Safe will take you to that login page and automatically sign you in. Select the desired login from your saved usernames and passwords list. You will be taken to the site and logged in;

  6. Username and password organization — Identity Safe helps you organize your logins by allowing you to create folders and custom titles. Norton Identity Safe offers folders for easy organization of your logins;
  7. You can put your logins into created folders by going to “New Folder” in the bottom left corner, or just drag and drop into a folder at a later time;

  8. Norton uses the default name of the Web site for the folder; you can easily edit the folder name at any time;


Secures and can automatically fill your information into online forms. Identity Cards – Saves and protects your personal information (including your name, address, and other data) so that you can automatically fill in a form rather than retyping your information every time.
  1. Form fill – Identity Safe gives you the ability to choose a specific Card to fill the form. If you haven’t created a Card yet, you will be prompted to when you are on a site with a form;

  2. Or you can go into Identity Safe and create one yourself. Go to Add Card at the bottom, fill in the blanks and save. It’s that easy;
  3. Once you have a Card saved and arrive on an online form, just choose a Card from the drop-down list and your information will be filled in for you automatically;

  4. Autofill Cards — Identity Safe will fill in a form automatically if you have previously filled a form from that same URL. Once you have a Card saved and go to a site where your information is needed, just choose a Card from the drop-down list and the form will be filled in for you automatically! You can also password protect your identity Cards;
  5. Multiple cards — Norton allows you to easily copy a Card so you don’t need to re-type the information that you have already provided. Use this feature when you want to use multiple credit cards online so you don’t need to re-type your address. Go to Manage Cards, select the Card you want to clone, go to Duplicate Card, and a new card with be created with the same card information as the one selected. It’s that easy. You will now be in Edit mode and have the ability to change any field;

  6. Once you have a Card saved and you go to a site where form fields are needed, just choose a Card from the drop-down list and your information will be filled in for you automatically! You have the ability to create and use Cards anywhere you want. Your Card is not tied to any single Web site;

Secure Notes

Secure Notes allows you to store safely other important information that does not have a pre-defined field in Identity Safe (e.g. frequent flyer information, social security numbers, passport information, etc.) while providing easy access while online.
  1. You can have all your important information secured but accessible in one convenient location.

  2. From the Norton Toolbar, click Manage Notes, press New at the bottom left to create a new note, choose the Category and type in a Title. This lets you to store your personal information into categories for easy and convenient access;

  3. You can also edit and delete your data any time you want. It’s fast and easy;

Export Logins & Cards Into USB

Export your Identity Safe profile to a USB. This function will help you to create a new profile on your USB device and securely copy your logins saved locally into the new USB profile.
  1. Plug your USB in your computer. Make sure you have not previously saved an Identity Safe Profile on this device;

  2. On your Norton Toolbar, click on the Settings option, click Configure next to Export Identity Safe Data to Portable Profile, enter your local Profile Password before exporting your logins, select a name for your USB profile and the export location. Your logins are now securely copied into the profile created on your USB;

  3. You can now safely remove your USB from your computer by clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the notification area;

  4. Plug In your USB to another computer with Norton Internet Security 2010 installed. A window will open up asking you if you want to log into your portable profile found on the USB. Type the profile’s password. This is the password you used on your initial system to access your logins. You are now ready to use your logins in the new computer. Your profile and logins are stored on your USB drive so make sure this is plugged into your computer anytime you want to use Identity Safe.

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