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Maintaining protection

Apr 22, 2010

When your product is installed, and you have run LiveUpdate, you have complete protection from viruses and other security risks. However, new risks are created constantly. Security risks can spread when you start your computer from an infected disk or when you run an infected program. You can do several things to avoid security risks.

Practicing regular file maintenance and keeping your security protection up to date are important.

To avoid security risks:
  • Stay informed about the latest viruses and other security risks by logging on to the Symantec Security Response Web site at the following URL:

    The Web site includes extensive, frequently updated information on viruses and automatic virus protection.
  • Keep Automatic LiveUpdate turned on at all times to continually receive definition updates.
  • Run LiveUpdate regularly to receive new program updates.
  • Keep Auto-Protect turned on at all times to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.
  • Watch for email messages from unknown senders. Do not open attachments from these senders.
  • Keep Email Protection turned on to avoid sending or receiving infected email attachments.
  • Keep all recommended maximum protection settings turned on.
  • Keep the default options turned on at all times.
You should be always prepared in case a virus infects your computer. To prepare for emergencies, you should back up files regularly and keep more than the most recent backup.

Norton 360 and Norton Save & Restore provide online storage of your data. By using these Norton products, you can back up important files and folders and restore them.

For more information on Symantec products that provide online storage, go to:

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