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Run a Full System Scan

Apr 22, 2010

Full System Scan performs a deep scan of the system to remove viruses and other security threats. It checks all boot records, files, and running processes to which the user has access. Consequently, when you run a Full System Scan with administrator privileges, it scans more files than when you run it without administrator privileges.


You can also minimize and run a Full System Scan in the background.
To run a Full System Scan
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Computer pane, click Scan Now.
  2. Click Run Full System Scan.

    You can use the following options to suspend a Full System Scan:
    Pause Suspends a Full System Scan temporarily

    Click Resume to continue the scan.
    Stop Scan Terminates a Full System Scan

    Click Yes to confirm.
  3. On the Results Summary tab, do one of the following:
    • If no items require attention, click Finish.
    • If any items require attention, review the risks on the Attention Required tab.

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