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Apr 17, 2010

The Norton Internet Security main window acts as a security management interface. You can access the main features and monitor the performance of your computer from the main window.

You can find the following items in the main window:

Security status indicator Indicates the overall protection status of your computer
The security status indicator represents one of the following states:

  • Secure
    When your protection status indicator is at Secure state, it means that your computer is fully protected.

  • Attention
    When your protection status indicator is at Attention state, ensure that you fix all the issues.

  • At Risk
    When your protection status indicator is at At Risk state, you must take immediate actions to fix the issues.
Norton Tasks Lets you view the Norton Tasks window
The Norton Tasks window lets you view and monitor all Norton-specific background tasks that Norton Internet Security runs during idle time.
CPU usage indicator Displays the current CPU usage of your system in the CPU usage indicator
The indicator helps you to analyze how Norton Internet Security affects the performance of your computer.
Performance Lets you view the Performance window
The window displays a chronicle representation of all the installs, downloads, optimizations, detections, and instances of Quick Scan. The window also displays a detailed graphical representation of CPU and memory usage by your Norton product.
Application Ratings Lets you view the Norton Insight - Application Ratings window
Norton Insight improves the performance of Norton Internet Security scans without compromising the security of your computer.
The options that are available in the main window summarize the most essential security and the productivity issues that the user needs to access. The options are classified in different panes. Each pane contains the important features that you can easily access or configure from the main window. The information icons next to the features provide you an introduction about the features. You can also choose to ignore or monitor a feature. Each pane contains a link to its Settings window, where you can manage its settings.
The panes are:
Computer Provides you the essential computer protection options
It also contains links to scan your computer, view the history of protection events, and manage quarantined items. You can also run LiveUpdate. Additionally, it displays the updates availability as to when the last virus definitions were updated.
Network Provides you the essential network protection options
It also contains links to the list of vulnerable programs and Network Security Map.
Web Provides you the essential Web protection options
It also contains links to managing logins and cards.
In addition, you can use the Parental Controls link to visit the OnlineFamily.Norton Web site. However, this option is available only in English-language version of Norton Internet Security.
The links that are available at the top of the main window let you give feedback, access your Norton Account, and use the support options.
In addition, your activation status or subscription status appears at the bottom of the main window. You can use the option to activate or subscribe your Norton product.

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