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Apr 17, 2010

Norton Internet Security performs background activities to keep your computer secure. The icon in the notification area reassures you that your protection is up to date. The icon changes its color if any change in status occurs.
The messages that appear in the notification area might require a response from you, such as opening a window, and taking an action. More often, messages inform you about current activities, and they disappear after a few seconds. You can check the Security History window for any further details.
You can right-click the Norton Internet Security icon to access specific Norton Internet Security activities.
Depending on the current activities, your options include the following:

Open Norton Internet Security Lets you launch the Norton Internet Security main window to complete tasks, view current status, or access other features
Run QuickScan Lets you run a Quick Scan to protect possible virus-infected areas of your computer
Run LiveUpdate Lets you run LiveUpdate to check for definition and program updates
View Recent History Lets you review the information about the security events for all of the categories
Get Support Lets you resolve your problem easily using One Click Support
Manage Logins Lets you view all the logins that you want Identity Safe to manage.
If you have not created any Identity Safe profile, this option first lets you create an Identity Safe profile.
Turn on/Turn off Silent Mode Lets you turn on or turn off Silent Mode
Disable/Enable Smart Firewall Lets you turn off or turn on the firewall
Disable/Enable Antivirus Auto-Protect Lets you turn off or turn on Antivirus Auto-Protect
Check for New Version Lets you check if new version of your product is available or not
This option is available only if you have activated your product and you have an active subscription.

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