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Running LiveUpdate

Apr 17, 2010

Symantec products download the latest definition updates and program updates regularly from Symantec. The definition updates protect your computer from the latest viruses and unknown security threats. Symantec products help you to obtain and install these updates by using the LiveUpdate technology.

LiveUpdate takes little time to check for the definition updates and program updates. You can cancel the LiveUpdate session at any time.

LiveUpdate obtains these updates for your computer by using your Internet connection. If your network uses proxy servers to connect to Internet, LiveUpdate uses the proxy settings in your product to download the latest updates.

You should run LiveUpdate as soon as you install Norton Internet Security. Some Symantec products run LiveUpdate automatically to keep your protection up to date. If you do not use Automatic LiveUpdate, you should run LiveUpdate once a week.

In addition to the definition updates that Automatic LiveUpdate downloads, the product uses streaming technology to download the latest virus definitions. These downloads are called Pulse Updates.

The Pulse Updates are lighter and faster than Automatic LiveUpdate. It keeps your computer secure from the ongoing threats on the World Wide Web.

When Pulse Updates are enabled, LiveUpdate checks for definition updates every few minutes and downloads the streamed virus definitions. The Pulse Updates protect your computer from the latest security threats without compromising your system performance.


Even if you turn off Pulse Updates, LiveUpdate picks all the missed streams and it updates your computer during the full definition updates.

To run LiveUpdate:
  1. Start your Norton Internet Security product.
  2. In the Computer Protection pane, click Run LiveUpdate.
  3. When LiveUpdate finishes installing all the updates, click OK

You can view the status of LiveUpdate activities in the Status column. You can use the Cancel option to stop the LiveUpdate session. After LiveUpdate checks, downloads, and processes the updates, you can click OK to close the window. Optionally, you can use the View Summary link to view the summary of the updates that are installed on your computer.

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