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Turn off or turn on SONAR Protection

Apr 28, 2010

SONAR protects you against malicious code even before virus definitions are available through LiveUpdate. By default, SONAR protection is turned on to proactively detect unknown security risks on your computer.

When you turn off SONAR Protection, you are prompted with a protection alert. This protection alert lets you specify the amount of time for which you want SONAR Protection to be turned off.


When Auto-Protect is turned off, SONAR Protection is also disabled. In this case, your computer is not protected against emerging threats.
To turn off or turn on SONAR Protection
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Computer pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Real Time Protection, in the SONAR Protection row, do one of the following:
    • To turn off SONAR Protection, move the On/Off switch to the right to the Off position.
    • To turn on SONAR Protection, move the On/Off switch to the left to the On position.
  3. In the Settings window, click Apply.

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» Derek said...

how do i get to the Norton Internet Security main window?
i use norton 360

» Admin said...

Just open your application: the first window is named as „main window”.

» Anonymous said...

I am using Version:, and I don't see the 'Real Time Protection'. I am trying to disable SONAR

» Anonymous said...

Try Start/All Programs/Norton Security Suit. This is the main window. Then open Settings. The next window you can open antivirus. You will there see how to enable/disable Sonar.

» Anonymous said...

will downloading Microsoft essentials turn off Norton SONAR ?

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