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Scanning Office documents

Apr 28, 2010

Norton Internet Security scans all Office documents that you receive through email messages, through Internet download, and through inserted floppy disks or other removable media. By automatically scanning all Office files, Norton Internet Security maintains a higher level of security. Norton Internet Security scans the Office document when you open them.

By default, Microsoft Office Automatic Scan option, under Computer Scans, in the Settings window is turned off. Turn on this option to scan Microsoft Office files automatically.

You can use Microsoft Office Automatic Scan option under Computer Scans, to scan documents of the following Microsoft Office applications:

winword.exe Microsoft Word
excel.exe Microsoft Excel
powerpnt.exe Microsoft Power Point
visio.exe Microsoft Visio
msaccess.exe Microsoft Access
winproj.exe Microsoft Project
Norton Internet Security scans the Office documents and protect against threats, including virus macros and infected embedded objects. Norton Internet Security employs different approach to scan different types of Office documents.
The different approaches are:
  • Norton Internet Security scans a document that has virus macros immediately after you open it. However, if a document is password protected, Norton Internet Security scans the document only after you enter the password and open the document. It scans the document, and automatically repairs the threats, and alerts you. It displays the additional information about the resolved threats on the Detailed Results tab in the Office Document Scan window.
  • Norton Internet Security scans the PowerPoint documents that contain embedded objects. However, it only scans the PowerPoint document and not the embedded objects. When you click the embedded object Norton Internet Security detects the threat and does not repair it.
  • Norton Internet Security does not scan the documents if they are encrypted.

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