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10 Most helpful user reviews about NIS 2010

Jun 27, 2010

Most helpful user reviews about Norton Internet Security 2010:

  1. Best security suite for all the AV haters
  2. Norton Internet Security 2010 is fast
  3. Good product, but the whole package expires
  4. Definitely worth upgrade and free if NIS has not expird
  5. Works well on XP, XP PRO & Vista
  6. Not worth the money even if it was free
  7. Its Way better than its predecessors
  8. A very nice, worthy security suite
  9. Average product
  10. Great Product

1. Best security suite for all the AV haters
Pros: NIS 2010 takes security to the next level..every click matters definitely does!
The download intelligence feature is the best and as I download so many softwares, it protects me by warning me before install.

Cons: The identity safe feature can be works well, but i feel it can be improved.

Summary: All the security software haters who go for free software's should definitely try this product. Its just amazing security and light on the system. I did not notice any delays or slowness once I installed this. I have this running on 3 machines now and no problems so far!

2. Norton Internet Security 2010 is fast
Summary: Norton Internet Security 2009 was a great upgrade. NIS 2010 is even better. It installed super quick and it runs even faster than the last version. This may be a bit technical, but CPU and memory usage is almost non-existant which I think is why it runs so fast.

I'm running it on Vista Ultimate (on a 64bit laptop) and Vista Home (on a 32 bit laptop). It works great on both.

I recommend it.

3. Good product, but the whole package expires
Pros: Very fast processing of files. Mostly transparent activity. Doesn't noticeably slow your system down

Cons: With their 2009 product, Norton started causing the ENTIRE NAV package to not load when your subscription expires. Previously, you simply could not download updates. Not so anymore. If you don't upgrade, you are without ANY virus protection.

Summary: I've used Norton for well over a decade on dozens of computers, and have not regretted it until recently. When I learned the hard way about the whole program expiring when the subscription was up, I started switching all of my computer and my clients over to another package when their current subscription is up. That's just horrible business practice.

I hope Symantec wakes up and changes this behavior, as they have an otherwise great product.

4. Definitely worth upgrade and free if NIS has not expird
Pros: Much cleaner interface and low CPU usage

Cons: none so far

Summary: 1st Recommendation
No matter what annual version of Norton Internet Security you purchase, you will still have a subscription that expires one year from the date of installation. Norton permits you to download and install the latest annual version so long as your subscription has not expired. THEREFORE, buy the cheapest annual version you can find on Cnet (like NIS2007) because you will be able to update the software to the latest software version for free.

2d Recommendation
Norton's annual subscription tracking system is flawed and causes problems as you divest one computer and buy another or wipe o0ut your hard drive and reinstall the OS and NIS. Purchasing NIS gives you the right to install the program three times on the same or different computers. However, if you wipe out your hard drive and reinstall on the same computer, it counts as another installation because Norton's tracking system does not seem to be able to determine that you reinstalled NIS on the same computer after a disk wipe out. Furthermore, if you uninstall NIS and sell a computer, you cannot delete it's original installation from Norton's tracking system as long as you keep renewing your subscription annually, so it will continue to show up as an active installation and count against your 3 installations. THEREFORE, the only way to have the right to install NIS on three computers each year is to:
1) buy NIS anually instead of renewing your subscription;
2) uninstall NIS;
3) reinstall it registering with the new key code;
4) open a new account with a DIFFERENT email address;

It seems cumbersome, but it is the only way you will be able to clear your Norton record of old installations and start off with 3 fresh ones.

5. Works well on XP, XP PRO & Vista
Pros: Manage 9 systems, it is convenient to use. When working properly it auto updates and is constantly protecting the computers. With 3 different Microsoft platforms and offsite systems we need this type of security. Excellent Tech Service.

Cons: Have to reboot after downloading updates as there may be others that do not download until reboot. Periodically shuts off antivirus or does not load at boot

Summary: Four years ago we quit using Norton. After reading PCMAG reviews in 2008 we came back and tried again. This is a big improvement over previous editions.

Technical support is excellent.

6. Not worth the money even if it was free
Pros: The norton name is legendary for being good. That is the only pro.

Cons: Breaks your network connection, prevents programs from running properly, slows down your computer, does nothing to protect you, costs far too much money.

Summary: I am a computing professional. I repair them, build them, network them, and virus removal is my specialty. I have personally FIXED many many computers by REMOVING NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2010 and earlier. Norton Internet Security (and 360) is WORTHLESS JUNK. Your system might be protected at first, but after a few months the hackers will figure it out and you will have only a false sense of security.

Norton 2009 worked well until the middle of the year, then it was laughably worthless - I was fixing 4 or 5 computers AT ONCE all with Norton 2009 and all with really bad malware infections.

People pay good money for this junk, and then pay me to fix their computers - by removing viruses this software DOES NOT STOP. I also charge them to remove the junk norton software because when it breaks, it breaks your network connection.

I've had people bring in their computers because their ISP told them their network card was broken. No, they had norton 2010 and it was broken. I removed Norton, fixed the network stack, removed the viruses (malware) and they were good to go. SHAMEFUL.

Microsoft Security Essentials is FREE and it works better than this junk. I am telling everyone I know this information.

I tell people that MSE is free, works better and WON'T break their computers, and they look at me stunned. THEY DIDN'T KNOW they could have good protection for FREE. They know now, and now you do too.

The rogue security software (fake antivirus like Antivirus 360 or Internet Security 2010) is a rampant problem. You can get these rogues no matter what, some (or most) CANNOT be stopped.

If there is a burden on the user to be careful, AS WELL AS a certain amount of chance, why pay for security when you can be in the same boat and NOT break your computer, for free?

7. Its Way better than its predecessors
Pros: Amazing security
New features like the File insight and the performance feature gives a good insight to your PC performance. did I mention fast :)

Cons: None so far.

Summary: Amazing product. I dont mind paying for such amazing features and a product that give me full security. I did have a free security product on my machine before and got infected and had to have paid protection that works!!

8. A very nice, worthy security suite
Pros: Very fast scanning, seamless operation, lower system resource usage

Cons: Interface may be confusing for some users

Summary: I just recently upgraded from Norton Internet Security 2008 to Internet Security 2010 and I liked the fact the program now uses a lot less resources and does very fast full system scans on multiple local drive volumes (NIS 2010 Full System Scan only took 35 minutes to scan 425,000 files, versus 55 minutes for NIS 2008 for a Full System Scan of 250,000 files).

However, I do think that Symantec could improve the interface just a tad--some of the features can confuse new users used to the features of other Internet security suites.

9. Average product
Pros: It on demand scanners improvements over the years, have lead it to be surprisingly a better choice the the likes of ESET and Kaspersky

Cons: The firewall is worthless, so unless this edition has improved drastically then the program as a whole isn't worth the price, and it's proactive shield has still a lot left to wish for.

Summary: To sum it all up, there is only one good thing with this product ant it's the on demand scanner, whether it remains to be seen if it is able to remove what it has found. The rest of the product doesn't give you the same amount of protection then other products and it is still slightly behind McAfee. But if you want a better security suit Kaspersky is still the one to beat mainly because of it's firewall and additional feauters. But then again you would probably be better off with Comodo/Pc Tools firewall and either G Data or Avira antivirus (both in paid versions)

10. Great Product
Pros: Nice interface, good engine, nic detection.

Cons: Not enough proactive detections.

Summary: Great product from symantec after 2009 version.

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