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Jun 11, 2010

When you install Norton Internet Security, it adds the Norton Toolbar to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Norton Internet Security protects your Internet Explorer browser and Firefox browser when you turn on the Safe Surfing option.

When Safe Surfing is turned on, Norton Internet Security enables the Antiphishing feature and the Norton Safe Web feature. Antiphishing analyzes the security levels of the Web sites you visit and displays the results in the Norton Site Safety pop-up. The Norton Safe Web feature provides you a safe Web search environment by displaying the site-rating icons next to every search result.


The Antiphishing and Norton Safe Web features are supported only in Internet Explorer versions 5.0 or later and Firefox versions 3.0 or later.
When you turn off Safe Surfing, the Antiphishing feature and Norton Safe Web feature are disabled. In this case, Identity Safe can autofill fraudulent Web sites with your confidential information.

Symantec recommends that you do not browse the Web when Safe Surfing is turned off.

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