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Apr 22, 2010

Quick Scan is a fast scan of the areas of your computer that the viruses and other security risks often targets. Because this scan does not scan your entire computer, it takes less time to run than a Full System Scan.

When the Insight Protection option is turned on, Norton Internet Security simultaneously performs a traditional Quick Scan and an Insight Network Quick Scan. By default, the Insight Protection option is turned on.

To run a Quick Scan
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Computer pane, click Scan Now.
  2. Click Run Quick Scan.

    You can use the following options to suspend a Quick Scan:
    Pause Suspends a Quick Scan temporarily

    Click Resume to continue the scan.
    Stop Scan Terminates a Quick Scan

    Click Yes to confirm.
  3. On the Results Summary tab, do one of the following:
    • If no items require attention, click Finish.
    • If any items require attention, review the risks on the Attention Required tab.

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