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Configure Identity Safe Settings

Jun 27, 2010

You can use the various features in Identity Safe to manage your personal sensitive information. Logins, cards, and notes help you store and use your information in a secure way.

To configure Identity Safe Settings
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Web pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Identity Safe, identify the feature that you want to use, and click Configure. Your options are:
    Autofill Exclusions Lets you view the Web pages where you asked Identity Safe not to save your logins or automatically fill the form in a particular Web page

    You can use the autofill option on a Web page that you excluded to remove the Web page URLs from the Autofill Exclusions list. You can use the Cards & Logins menu on the Norton Toolbar to make online decisions about autofill.
    Backup Identity Safe Data Lets you back up the Identity Safe data in .npm file format


    You should back up all of your Identity Safe data periodically.
    Export Identity Safe Data to Portable Profile Lets you export the profile that you are logged in to currently to the external drive connected

    If you already have a profile configured in the external drive, this option does not appear in the Identity Safe settings of the current profile. The option appears until you have connected an external drive that does not have a portable profile.
    Identity Safe Options Lets you set the options that let Identity Safe securely collect and store your Web page login information
    In addition, you can do the following activities:
    • Configure the region for your card information.
    • Specify how you want Norton Identity Safe to use the autofill feature.
    • Set options that make Identity Safe to display a message to notify you that you have inserted an external drive.
    • Set options that make Identity Safe to warn you about the unsafe removal of external drives.
    Identity Safe Password & Security Lets you change the password settings and Identity Safe password security level


    You should change your Identity Safe password frequently to keep your Identity Safe data from being misused.
    Manage Cards Lets you manage your personal information such as name, date of birth, email address, and credit card information in one place

    You can use the information that you store to automatically fill forms. This feature lets you provide sensitive information without typing it when you are online. In this way, Identity Safe protects you from keyloggers that steal and misuse your identity.
    Manage Logins Lets you manage your various login information

    Logins include information such as your email login credentials and Internet banking credentials.
    When you save all of your login information in the Identity Safe, you can do the following:
    • Easily track all your logins
    • Quickly launch your login Web pages
    • View or update your password for the Web page
    • Use folders to organize your logins
    • Change your login settings
    Manage Notes Lets you store and manage sensitive information

    In Manage Notes, you can save social security number, drivers license number, insurance policy number, and passport number. You can also save private accounts, lock combinations, documents, notes, frequent flier numbers, bank account number, security challenge questions, and legal and financial information.
    Rename Profile Lets you rename the profile that you are currently logged in to
    Restore Identity Safe Data Lets you restore the Identity Safe data from the backed up .npm file

    You can use this option after you have reset your Identity Safe options, but you want to revert to your backed up Identity Safe data.

    When you restore a backed up file of any profile, Norton Internet Security overwrites all the Identity Safe data of the profile that you are currently logged in.

    For example, you restore the backed up file of your portable profile while you are logged into a local profile. In this case, Norton Internet Security overwrites your local profile's Identity Safe data with your portable profile's Identity Safe data.

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