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Jun 11, 2010

Norton Safe Search enhances your Web search experience. When you search the Internet using Norton Safe Search, it uses to generate search results. Norton Safe Search provides site safety status and Norton rating for each of the search results generated.

By default, the Norton Safe Search box is disabled. After you install Norton Internet Security and open Internet Explorer or Firefox for the first time, an alert message is displayed. The alert message prompts you to enable Norton Safe Search. You can choose to enable or disable Norton Safe Search.

As you type a few letters in the search box, Norton Safe Search displays the search suggestions in the search box pop-up. You can see the search suggestions after you type three or more characters in the search box. It also provides you the intelligent search-as-you-type feature that displays search suggestions when you type a few letters of the search phrase.

In addition, Norton Safe Search provides the following features:

Filters the unsafe Web sites When you search the Internet using Norton Safe Search, it analyzes the security levels of the Web sites and displays the search results. You can use the Filter Out Unsafe Sites option in the Norton Safe Search Web page to filter the unsafe Web sites from the search results.
Erases your search queries from server When you use Norton Safe Search, you can erase all the data that are related to your search activity from the server. The Privacy Safeguard feature of Norton Safe Search erases search data, such as your IP address, user identifier, and session identifier from the server. You can turn on or turn of Privacy Safeguard using the Turn On Privacy Safeguard and Turn Off Privacy Safeguard options respectively.


Norton Safe Search is available only in English-language versions of Windows.
You can use Norton Safe Search even when you turn off the Identity Safe features.
To search the Web using Norton Safe Search
  1. Start Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. On the Norton Toolbar, in the Norton Safe Search box, type the search item that you want to search.
  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click Search.
    • In the pop-up window that appears, select a search suggestion that matches your search string.

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