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Oct 12, 2011

Norton Internet Security 2012 provides powerful protection that lets you email, surf, shop and bank online without worrying about cybercrime or slowing down your PC.

Norton Internet Security 2012 key features:

  • Lets you email, chat and surf the web without worrying about cybercriminals ripping you off;
  • Delivers the industry’s fastest security suite for protection from online dangers without sacrificing performance;
  • Guards against online identity theft so you can shop, bank and visit social networks with confidence;
  • Updates automatically, offers easy-to-use features and includes free customer support during your subscription period;

Norton Internet Security 2012 key technologies:
ING DIRECT has partnered with Symantec to bring you a special offer of Norton Internet Security 2012. So, you can get 90 day Norton Internet Security today for free right now, just download file NIS_19.1.0.28_ING_Direct_LOEM_MRF1587A_6382.exe [125 MB].

For more information about this special offer, visit Partner Store ING.

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