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Norton Internet Security 2013 Beta

May 7, 2012

Norton Internet Security — provides a quick and easy protection against online threats. Integrated antivirus and firewall protects your computer, local network, online activities and your personal information, using innovative technology solutions for today's aggressive threats. powerful and rapid protection against malware and Internet threats without slowing down your computer. Improved Norton Protection System with multi-level security technologies that work together to provide comprehensive protection.

Norton Internet Security 2013 beta is the new version of comprehensive security suite released recently by Symantec Corporation — the largest maker of security software for computers. Available for free download from the Norton beta website, Norton Internet Security 2013 beta is designed for compatibility with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, in addition to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

With the Norton Internet Security 2013 beta, Norton continues to leverage the power of the cloud to keep consumers safe in all they do online — whether browsing, socializing or shopping. In addition to delivering core protection via the cloud, the betas now include improved cloud-enabled features such as Norton Management and Norton Identity Safe which allow consumers to conveniently manage their security and keep their personal information safe, anywhere, anytime.

The 2013 betas are designed to outperform the award-winning previous versions which already lead the industry in both protection and performance. In addition to delivering best-in-class core security technologies and a seamless user experience, the betas include key enhancements including:
  • Metro App Protection
    New protection capabilities provide security for consumers using Windows 8 Metro apps.

  • Next Generation Firewall Protection
    Norton’s award-winning Insight technology has been incorporated into the Norton firewall to improve the ability to detect and block malicious network activity including botnet activity which attempts to steal consumers’ personal information.

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
    Increased intelligence and improved integration with the operating system will help consumers avoid costly data overage fees by limiting non-critical updates on bandwidth sensitive networks.

The main protection features of Norton Internet Security 2013

  • Computer Protection

    • Insight Protection
      Norton Insight Network measures the reputation of your applications when you run a scan and is powered by intelligence from Norton Community Watch. Click Details for worldwide reputation data.

    • Antivirus
      Eliminates viruses and other threats using Norton Auto-Protect technology. Provides real-time monitoring while running in the background.

    • Antispyware
      Automatically scans, detects and eliminates programs that attempt to monitor your activity or steal your private Information.

    • SONAR Protection (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response)
      proactively detects unknown security risks in real time on your computer based on the behavior of applications.

  • Network Protection

    • Smart Firewall
      Prevents unauthorized Internet access to and from your computer, automatically detecting and blocking online threats and risks.

    • Intrusion Prevention
      Automatically blocks Internet attacks aimed at taking advantage of vulnerable programs. Detects and prevents attacks from threats already on an infected computer.

    • Email Protection
      Examines email for threats, which are blocked and removed when found.

  • Web Protection

    • Identity Safe
      Secures your identity while you are on the Internet. Includes a password manager for one-click secure logon and form auto-fill for frequently visited Web sites.

    • Browser Protection
      Prevents malware programs and malicious Web sites from using browser vulnerabilities to attack your computer.

    • Safe Surfing
      Prevents malware programs and malicious Web sites from using browser vulnerabilities to attack your computer.

    • Download Intelligence
      Provides information about the safety and reputation of downloads to protect against malware. Download Intelligence helps you decide whether downloads are safe to install.

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