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Jun 11, 2010

You can create a local profile for each Windows User Account on your computer. The data that you save and the Identity Safe settings that you make are specific to that local profile. You cannot access the data that you save in one Windows User Account from another Windows User Account. This way Identity Safe protects your sensitive data from the misuse of multiple users of your computer.


Symantec recommends that you create separate password-protected Windows User Accounts if you want to share your PC across multiple users.
In addition to the profile that you create on a Windows User Account, you can also save your Identity Safe data on an external drive. The profile that you create on a removable drive is called portable profile.

When you create a portable profile, Norton Internet Security creates a folder that is labeled Norton Identity Safe Data in the root directory. This folder contains the details of the portable profile data and the backup data. You can see the details of the portable profile data and the backup data in the IDDStore.dat file and IDDStore_bak.dat file, respectively.

You can use portable profiles on any PC on which Norton Internet Security is installed. However, you can access your portable profile only if you know the password for it.
In addition to the features such as saving logins, cards, and notes, you can do the following using your local profile and portable profile:
  • Back up and restore your Identity Safe data.

    The data that you back up are stored as .npm files. You can also restore the previously backed up data present in your local profiles and portable profiles, interchangeably.
  • Export your Identity Safe profile to the external drive that you insert.
  • Import your Identity Safe profile from an older version of the product to the upgraded version.
  • Rename the profile that you create.
  • Export your local profile and portable profile after your product expires.
  • Restore and reset your Identity Safe password.

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