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Create Identity Safe profiles

Jun 11, 2010

Identity Safe lets you create one local profile per Windows User Account and one portable profile per external drive. You can create and save data in a portable profile in the same way you create and save data in a local profile. You can also provide a name to the profile so that you can easily identify the profile you are logged on to.

When you insert an external drive, after you set up a local profile, Identity Safe automatically detects the presence of the drive. It offers you the option to create a portable profile. In case you have already configured a portable profile in the drive, you have the option to switch to the portable profile. You can use multiple external drives at a time. However, you can create only one portable profile per external drive.

You can create and set up Identity Safe in the following areas of Norton Internet Security:
  • The Cards & Logins menu on the Norton Toolbar

    When you click the Cards & Logins menu, the Set up Norton Identity Safe dialog box appears. Also, if you visit any transactional Web site or a Web page that has forms before you create any profile, Norton Internet Security displays a pop-up message. The alert message prompts you to create a profile and set a password for it. You can use the Setup now option in the pop-up message to create a profile.
  • The Web pane in the Norton Internet Security main window

    When you click the Web pane, the Web Settings section opens.
  • The Web Settings section in the Norton Internet Security Settings window
Immediately after you create a profile with a corresponding password, Identity Safe lets you do the following:
  • Create and save a card with general details, contact details, and credit card details.

    The general details include name and gender, and contact details include phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Import the logins that you saved in Internet Explorer.

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