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Jul 6, 2010

Manage Cards lets you manage your personal information such as name, date of birth, email address, and credit card information in one place.

You can use the information that you store in the cards to do the following:
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Provide sensitive information without having to type it while you are online
In this way, Identity Safe protects you from keyloggers that steal and misuse your identity.


Some Web sites have forms with fields for credit cards or other personal information. The Cards & Logins menu on the Norton Toolbar lists the cards that you created for autofill. You can choose a card from the list to fill the forms automatically.
You can add, view, edit, and duplicate the details of any card that you create. You can also delete a card if it is no longer needed.

In addition, Manage Cards provides you the following features:
  • Lets you upload an image for each card so that you can identify the card quickly
  • Lets you password-protect the card to protect yourself from misuse of your sensitive information and personal information
  • Recognizes the Web pages that have forms and immediately displays a pop-up window with the list of cards
  • Provides you a quick view of any of your cards that is not password-protected

    Identity Safe provides additional security for your password-protected cards by not displaying the summary of the card
If you fill an online form by using an Identity Safe card, Identity Safe remembers it and autofills the form the next time you visit.

Identity Safe remembers the decisions regarding autofill and logins. For example, you log in to a Web page that has forms and use a card to fill the form. The next time that you visit the same Web page, Identity Safe offers to autofill the form with the same card details.

You can also select cards from the Cards & Logins menu and the pop-up window that appears on the Norton Toolbar.

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