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Adding cards

Jul 6, 2010

The cards in the Manage Cards window help you to automatically fill forms on Web sites with a single click. You can create cards to store information, such as personal details, contact details, and credit card details. You can provide a card name to help you identify a specific card.

If you have more than one credit card, you can create multiple cards with different sets of information. When you visit a transactional Web site, you can provide the credit card details that are present in any of the cards that you created.

You can also create anonymous cards for use on unfamiliar Web sites where you may be uncomfortable providing your personal information. You can automatically fill online forms when you visit a Web site.

To add a card
  1. In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Web pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Identity Safe, in the Manage Cards row, click Configure.
  3. In the Manage Cards window, click Add Card.
  4. Use the following tabs to type your card details:

    General Provide details such as card name, name, gender, and date of birth. You can set a password and provide additional security for your card. You can also type the OpenID URL of your personal Web page, if any.

    Online form filling is language specific. In the Country/Region box, the country United States is selected by default. You should change your region and create a new card before you fill online forms for any other language.

    You can change the region in the Identity Safe Options window.

    You can also browse to a Web page of any region and then create a card. Use the Manage Cards option in the Norton menu on the Norton Toolbar. The card is created with the Web page region. You can use this card to fill the Web page form.

    Provide your contact information on this tab. Contact information includes your email address, postal address, and phone numbers.
    Credit Card Provide your credit card details on this tab. You can enter the standard credit card details, such as the type of the card, expiration date, and card number. You cannot enter a credit card number of more than 16 digits.
  5. If you want to update the image for your card, click the Update Image link and upload the image.

    When you click Update Image, Norton Internet Security displays a list of images. You can either select an image from the list or upload an image of your choice.
  6. Click Save.

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